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Swimming Pool Construction Thessaloniki


Swimming Pools and Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants, are two sectors of the construction industry which were developed almost simultaneously with the establishment of Idrobiologiki. The completion of 40 years of operation does not only and simply indicate its multiannual presence in the field of E/M constructions of Swimming Pools and Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants but also it makes it one of the leading construction companies in Greece with its know-how and experience.


years with you

Within four decades of activity, Idrobiologiki has undertaken a wide variety of private and public projects, has collaborated with leading hotels in Greece and constantly manages to create strong bonds with its customers. The trust that they show to the company, results from the added value it gives to their investment which also stands out in the long-term.
Its constructions are governed by quality and reliability, two values maintained even during national economic crisis.
Today, Idrobiologiki can look back in time with satisfaction, both for the projects it has built, but above all, for the respect which has gained from its customers and competitors.


We design for you the pool of your dreams!