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About us

At the beginning of 1980, the operation of the company Idrobiologiki, in Thessaloniki, was started by Mr. Andreadis Theodoros, having as main object the design and the construction of all the E/M equipment of Pools and the Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Over the years and seeing its turnover increasing every year, it establishes the subsidiary Stathmi in Athens and a branch in Kos.

In 2006, Idrobiologiki built privately owned areas with offices, a warehouse, and an exhibition space of 1.700m2, in N. Ryssio. The purpose was to concentrate and improve the functions between design, sales, construction, accounting & warehouse departments.
Continuing its upward course in 2010, Idrobiologiki opened privately owned spaces with offices and warehouses in Kos.

The company’s investment in facilities and human resources created a network, which covers all customer needs in services and products. Our warehouses have stock all year round in E/M equipment and mainly spare parts, thus ensuring the uninterrupted operation of all E/M facilities of the Pool and Waste Water Treatment Plants.



The noticeable difference of Idrobiologiki from the other companies in the field is that the overall approach of each technical project is unique. The experience gained during these four decades of operation allows it to comfortably provide immediate, reliable, functional and efficient solutions both for construction work and for installing E/M equipment.

For this reason, it dedicates a lot of time to elaborate the original architectural plans of the project, seeking the combination of the functional and aesthetically upgraded design so that the surrounding area harmonizes with the respective project.

The provided designs and advice follow all European & International Safety and Operating Regulations, thus ensuring the client’s investment. Our countless staff visits to the area and the perfect communication with the other collaborating teams, reassures its correct choice.

The company’s staffing is done by engineers and technicians, who have specialized scientific knowledge and multiannual practical experience in successful E/M installations.

The ability to optimize its E/M facilities comes from:

  • its constant presence in International Exhibitions,
  • the continuous monitoring of developments in the individual sectors,
  • the immediate updating of new products by its suppliers,
  • , the testing of new products in its pilot facilities, and their subsequent distribution to the customer if they meet its requirements.


The products available at Idrobiologiki come only from leading, certified European companies, with which our company has developed partnerships over thirty (30) years.

The company’s desire to sell only quality and reliable products led it to select companies with the same philosophy and greatly emphasize on research and innovation.

The multi-year presence of our company in the field of construction, gives our suppliers the comfort to consult us for their new products to have not only the highest construction specifications but also the possible avoidance of problems during their installation in E/M facilities.

Indicatively, we mention below some of our partners:

Quality Management System

Idrobiologiki’s administration office, seeking its continuous improvement over time and focusing on its customers’ needs, has established a Quality Management System which complies with the International Standard:
ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015

The scope of the system is:
the Design, Supply, Installation, Operation of all Electromechanical Pools Equipment, Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants, and the Trade of Related Materials.

The implementation of the Q.M.S. aims to continuously improve products and services to prevent failures and not simply identify them. This is achieved by using internal processes related to the systematic evaluation of suppliers, the continuous recording of customer satisfaction and staff training.

We design for you the pool of your dreams!