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Swimming pools

Swimming pools

From antiquity, the use and meaning of the word “pool” was evolved, reaching today to mean the dreamy representation of paradise, harmonized in man’s immediate environment. Architects, surveyors, engineers and civil engineers create magnificent swimming pools characterized by elements of beauty, entertainment, healing and mental balance.

The pool is one of the main objects of Idrobiologiki, which studies and manufactures all its E/M equipment. The correct design and construction of the installation, in combination with the proper maintenance, ensures the hygiene and clarity of the water, thus taking off the pool’s aesthetics.

Our company strictly applies the 4-hour recirculation in both public and private pools, with the filtration speed being 30m³/h/m².
In some exceptional cases, e.g. in a public children’s pool, water’s recirculation occurs in less than one (1) hour.

The main concern of Idrobiologiki is, the complete movement of the entire volume of water in all parts of the pool, especially in the corners and narrow interests. . To avoid stagnant and uninfected water, the correct placement of the inlets on the bottom surface is mandatory.

The heart of the pool beats in the invisible, but also in the most essential part, the engine room, which is consisted of one or more pairs of filter-pump. Our company uses the appropriate glass-sand pumps-filters, which, accompanied by the multi-valve, constitute their trouble-free operation.

Moreover, the construction of a structure over 200 m³ is defined as flexible because of its possibility to operate any filter with each pump and vice versa, thus continuing the pool’s smooth operation until the problem is solved.

jacuzzi (Spa)

Idrobiologiki, having many years of experience and having significant know-how, manufactures all the E/M equipment of a concrete SPA.

The SPA can operate either adapted and harmonized to the shape of a swimming pool or working independently. It is crucial to study it correctly because while it seems something simple and small in dimensions, the E/M equipment used, must give us what we are looking for: the absolute calmness and relaxation.

The ideal rejuvenating of the body is achieved by using various spa nozzles placed in such places, which allow constant splashing of water. The selection of suitable hydromassage pumps and air blowers also contributes to this.

However, in addition to the above spas, our company has a wide variety of prefabricated jacuzzis, thus offering customers the opportunity to create their own small spaces for relaxation and wellness.

There is a wide variety of SPA models which varies in size, depending on the number of people and their ability to sit or lie down, in order to meet all users’ needs.

fountains - waterfalls

The success of constructing a complex of fountains or waterfalls depends on how much it can offer to its visitor the coolness and music of moving crystal clear water.

These constructions are always special, demanding and often unique. They must be perfectly harmonized with the surrounding environment.

Large hotel groups, shopping malls, and individuals have assigned Idrobiologiki to build fountains and waterfalls of high architectural requirements for upgrading the aesthetics of the space in existing or new construction sites.

The company’s design department can suggest or improve, if it is needed, the early architectural design.

Ornamental lakes located on different levels, curtain-type waterfalls including in their interior fountains as well, are just a few elements that can create a visual feast.

Urban wastewater treatment plants

Our company applies the system of prolonged ventilation, which has standardized the tanks dimensions, depending on the units capacity.

This system is one of the most common methods. It is based on the simple principle of survival of microorganisms, supplying them with oxygen from the ambient air through blowers and ceramic diffusers and also with food by recycling activated sludge which is collected in the sedimentation tank.

Here are the following two ways depending on the case:

  1. Pre-precipitation, aeration, precipitation, chlorination, sludge storage disposal. It is applied in small units and only when there is 100% fullness from each period’s beginning.
  2. Pre-precipitation, equilibration, dispersion, aeration-precipitation pairs, chlorination, disposal, sludge storage. This method is applied in larger units. Depending on the fullness, one or both aeration- precipitation pairs of tanks are put into operation with a particular device.

We design for you the pool of your dreams!