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Waste water treatment plants

In the waste water treatment plants Idrobiologiki applies the method of extended aeration, which has standardized the dimensions of the tanks, depending on the capacity of the units.

Extended aeration is one of the most widespread methods and it is based on the simple principal of the microorganisms’ survival, supplying them with oxygen from the air through the blowers and the air diffusers, as well as food and the recycling of the active sludge collected in the settling tank.

Thereby, it comes on the 2 following ways depending on the case:

  1. Pre-settling, aeration, settling, chlorination, disposal and storage of the sludge.
    It is applied in small units and only if there is 100% completeness from the beginning of the season.
  2. Pre-settling, equilibration, dispersion, the pairs of aeration-settling, chlorination, disposal, storage of the sludge.
    It is applied in bigger units. Depending on the completeness, one or two pairs of the aeration-settling tanks are set in operation with a special arrangement.


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