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Chemical products

The swimmers and the environment (air, rain, etc) bring pollen, dust, microorganisms, bacteria, etc inside the pool, which are harmful for the swimmers. Filtration allows the cleaning of the water from dust particles, but the addition of special chemical products for the pools is the one that eliminates the growth of bacteria, algae and viruses.

The combination of natural (filtration/recirculation) and chemical way of maintenance of the water in a pool helps us to keep the water clean and transparent in order to enjoy our bath fearlessly, without any side effects on our health.

The products that Idrobiologiki uses, are from the Spanish company ASTRAL, which is certified with ISO 9002 and provides products which comply with all the necessary conditions and instructions of the European Community and it also holds all the essential certificates for their safe usage.

Depending on the needs of a customer various types of chemical products are used such as chlorine, bromine, oxygen, algaecide, etc in different forms (granules, powder, tablets, liquids). Besides this, we can install various types of automation in need of chlorination-disinfection.

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