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Fountains - Waterfalls – Pool accessories

Idrobiologiki has constructed many Fountains & Waterfalls in hotel entrances, public and private buildings, thus improving the aesthetic of the surrounding area.

It creates visual feasts by having lakes of different levels of which the water falls in the form of a curtain from the first surface to the next, waterfalls and fountains.

The specific projects are very demanding and for this reason the special know-how is necessary. The result during the operation of these projects is what the customer has imagined throughout the initial conception of the idea.

In terms of swimming pools, it carries a wide range of products, which help to improve them both aesthetically and functionally.

Moreover, it stocks stainless steel waterfalls, water cannons in various types, countercurrent swimming equipment and automatic cleaners, which help to reduce the time needed for the pool maintenance.

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