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Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is not only “the open tank” that each visitor or swimmer sees. This aspect is only the aesthetical part of the construction. The clarity and the hygiene of the water as well as the trouble free operation & maintenance depend on the accurate study and construction of the E/M installations.

The swimming pools are divided in 2 big categories :

  • Public 
  • Private

In both cases the company applies the four-hour recirculation of water. The capacity of the compound of filter (-s) and pump (-s) is such so that the whole volume of the water of the pool is refined in the time mentioned above. Meanwhile the filtration velocity is 30m3/h/m2. In some cases, like public swimming pools for children or for people with special needs, the company applies the one-hour recirculation.

The next factor that has to be considered during the study and construction of the pool is the total movement of the volume of water, without the existence of static molecules in the water in the corners or narrow places, so that there is no doubt of lentic or non chlorinated water. This is achieved with the uniform placement of special inlets across the surface of the bottom of the swimming pool.

The heart of the installation is the compound/s of filters and pumps. Therefore, the company uses special pumps with prefilter incorporated and sand filters of quartz sand from reinforced fiberglass with 6-ways valves. In cases of swimming pools with volume of water bigger than 130 m3 that require a bigger flow rate per hour in order to succeed four-hour recirculation, Idrobiologiki constructs corresponding series of filters-pumps. The installation is done with collectors of suction & discharge, so that the system works even if one pump is out of order, or a filter is damaged. There is such flexibility that each filter can work with any pump and vice versa.


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