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About us

What makes Idrobiologiki different from the rest of the companies is the total approach of every project, giving truly reliable and efficient solutions to both the building works and the installation of the E/M equipment.

Idrobiologiki devotes enough time on the architectural design of the project seeking the combination of functional and aesthetically upgraded design. The ultimate aim is  the harmonious integration in the surrounding area.

Besides this, Idrobiologiki studies the initial drawings, which probably improves according to the European & International Regulations of Safety and Operation. It provides advice and identifies details for the best construction of the building structures, which are constantly observed during the visits to the works.

All the above features are reinforced by the fact that Idrobiologiki is staffed with engineers and technicians who are characterized by a combination of specialized scientific knowledge and extensive practical experience on successful applications.

What makes Idrobiologiki unique is its innovations. It has both the facility and the ability to optimize the E/M installations. It also monitors all developments in its field with its presence in International Exhibitions and with the continuous and friendly cooperation with all its suppliers. Idrobiologiki is always informed on every new product presented worldwide.

All the new E/M equipment is firstly tested in its own pilot plants and if it meets the specifications, it is installed in the facilities of its clients implicitly without any problems.

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